Ohai thar~

So I’m back. Kinda. I don’t know. I’m sorry for my disappearance… a lot has happened in past months, and I just couldn’t find the motivation or the energy to write for this blog. I’m sorry. I’ll try to post more. 🙂 Advertisements

An Inner Peace of Sorts

My mind seems to have taken a turn in the past few days. I won’t be getting diagnosed, probably. My psychologist keeps telling me that it’s ‘stronger to acknowledge the fact that I only show a few traits without a full diagnosis’. Because of this, along with that terrible meeting with the psychiatrist that specialized […]

Two Reasons Among Many

Around a year ago now, I embarked on a journey. I have always been a misfit, an oddity. I have tried to deny it, tried to fake normalcy… but it has never lasted for long. And I wanted to know why. This question, this yearning for an answer, launched an abundance of research and soul-searching. A […]

Welcome, Stranger, To My Blog!

Welcome, Stranger! … Unless, of course, you aren’t strange, then you’re just a visitor. Then again, we’re all strange. Humans are strange. It’s a fact of life. Okay. I can already tell that my first post is going to be rambly and quirky and hyper. Probably because I’m rambly and quirky and hyper. You’ll get used it […]