Two Reasons Among Many

Around a year ago now, I embarked on a journey.

I have always been a misfit, an oddity. I have tried to deny it, tried to fake normalcy… but it has never lasted for long. And I wanted to know why.

This question, this yearning for an answer, launched an abundance of research and soul-searching. A bit too much, perhaps.

I soon became obsessed with learning about myself, with finding out my reasons for always feeling so out of touch.

And during this journey– which, mind you, I am still on– I realized something important: I feel as though I know nothing about myself.

Absolutely nothing at all.

This terrifies me.

After all, how does one go about life whilst clueless about their very existence?

How does on go about life if they don’t pay attention?

This is one of two reasons why I created this blog.

The other reason?

Well, I am a writer. I write prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

… And I think a lot. More than a lot. 

I am constantly thinking.

And sometimes, my thoughts inhibit me from creating. I can not explain how this is so, but sometimes, my own logic makes it rather hard for me to write. I suppose that it is because I am always questioning myself, always judging myself, and the stray thoughts running through my mind don’t make it any better.

I am my own worst critic.

And so I assumed that I can write my thoughts away, and organize them in one neat, contained archive.

Maybe, just maybe, this will help.

If not, this place makes a great diary, anyway~





8 thoughts on “Two Reasons Among Many

  1. Yay! Another post. I’m jealous of your ability to write so well. I also think both are good reasons to write a blog. Fantastic! =D

  2. Wow. I love your ability to write about yourself without boring to tears. Or boring me at all. I found myself wanting more! Write!!!!

  3. Star, I really like your way of writing. It’s almost as if there’s thoughts get in the way of doing activities that make you happy and vibrant. I really appreciate that you have written this blog and that i may be due to start one as well. Thank you for being a new inspiration in each of our lives.

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